What is umbrella insurance?

People buy insurance for the peace of mind that comes from protecting your family and assets. I want to tell you about a type of insurance that adds an extra layer of protection over and above another insurance policy - aptly named "umbrella insurance". 

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Back to school safety tips

Fall mornings in Bellingham often begin with a flurry of activity: school buses on the roads, lights flashing, as kids get on; kids racing their bikes towards school with not a minute to spare, and parents trying to get kids out the door and in the car before they head to work. With all that action, it's very important for motorists to slow down and drive with their full attention. Below are some things for drivers to think about when school is in session.

If You're Dropping Off

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Boating on Bellingham Bay? Tips to keep it safe

We are lucky to live on a beautiful bay off Puget Sound here in Bellingham. The views of the islands and the mountains are breathtaking. Also, Whatcom County lakes can't be beat for a calm ride on a canoe, or a day coasting on Lake Whatcom. Even on the calmest, clearest day, however, boating can pose risks to even the most experienced boater. If you're heading west on the water, read these tips first.

Make a Pre-Departure Checklist

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Fidget spinners are personal injury risks to Bellingham kids

Driving down Holly Street in downtown Bellingham the other day, I noticed a storefront sign that assured the public "We have spinners!" For those of you who don't have school-aged kids, you might not know that these aren't parts of fishing gear. Fidget spinners, as they are formally called, have exploded in popularity recently. It's a ball-bearing toy that spins continuously when you rotate it, unlike an old-fashioned top that loses its momentum and balance.

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Dogs and hot cars do not mix

When the weather starts to heat up here in Bellingham, I think about pets in hot cars. Seems like we live in a cool enough climate even in summertime, so we shouldn't need to worry about hot cars, right? Not so. It doesn't take much before a car becomes too hot for animals to tolerate without the risk of serious illness or even death. The temperature inside your vehicle can rise almost 20º F in just 10 minutes. In 20 minutes, it can rise almost 30º F...and the longer you wait, the higher it goes.

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Celebrate this Fourth of July Safely

Independence Day, the peak of summer, is fast approaching. This sparked - ha! - a question about these famous fixtures of our celebration: fireworks. We all should know by now that they are as dangerous as they are delightful. In truth, they are actually missiles that just happen to explode with lots of pretty colors rather than collateral damage, at least, ideally.

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Bellingham gardeners, don't run with shears! Tips for staying safe

Summer hit with a bang with past Ski to Sea Memorial Day weekend here in Bellingham and Whatcom County. Now that all the winter's rain is showing up in the green of the yards around town, I want to offer some tips on gardening safety. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has some great ideas on things to think about when you're pruning, weeding, mowing, and relaxing after a hard day's work outside.

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Appreciations for Bellingham's best personal injury lawyer

This week my twin boys turned one year old. And what a year it's been, as you might imagine. Normally I imagine my way into Bill Coats' mind and write from his point of view as if I were the best personal injury lawyer in Bellingham and Whatcom County beyond, but today I just want to write as a mother and employee of Bill's as I reach my two-year anniversary with his firm. 

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Tips for keeping little kids safe this summer

Though my kids are older now, I remember the stress of keeping them safe when they were toddlers. The vigilance required of a new parent is extraordinary, when hidden foes such as power outlets, electrical cords, and even a whole grape can lurk around every corner. Kids just don't have the instincts for these dangers, and how could they? It makes sense that toddlers suddenly become picky about new flavors and often don't want to eat anything unless it comes off of a parents' (aka royal taste tester's) plate first. This is from many, many generations of humans practicing being human.

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