What Do I Expect If There is a Lawsuit?

Bill settles nearly every client’s personal injury claim in a negotiated settlement. This means that very rarely do his clients need to go to trial with a lawsuit. However, if your claim doesn’t have the resolution you wanted, you still have the option to file suit. Your lawyer will step you through the process, explaining things as you go. But here is the gist of it:

Your attorney prepares a Complaint. This is a legal document that describes your claims.

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When do you call a lawyer?

It’s one of the hardest times in life – after a debilitating accident. No one wants to be in this situation, but what if you are? You don’t have to go it alone. Because when you have to call the insurance company, to try to get your bills covered just as your policy should be designed to do, it can feel like David phoning up Goliath to try to make a deal.

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Travis was driving to work in his employer’s truck when a driver with marijuana in his system ran a stop sign and crashed into Travis. He suffered a fractured arm that required surgery to fix. The at-fault driver had no insurance, but Bellingham attorney Bill Coats was able to make a claim with the employer’s insurance company. After filing a lawsuit, the insurance company agreed to pay $180,000 to compensate Travis for his injury.

Don suffered disc injuries to his low back in a car accident where the at-fault driver pulled into traffic south of Bellingham and struck the side of Don’s classic 1955 Ford T-Bird. Don’s injuries were severe enough that he could not return to his physically demanding work as a paramedic. Although Don was close to retirement, he was counting on a few more good work years.

Jenna was in Bellingham on a visit from British Columba, Canada.  Her friend was driving on I-5 and lost control.  She overcorrected, crossed the median, and hit a car going the opposite direction.  Jenna was critically injured and transported by helicopter to the hospital, where she underwent extensive medical treatment.

A large pickup truck struck Lolita as she and her husband walked across a Bellingham-area casino parking lot to their car. Lolita was badly hurt with fractures in both ankles and her husband was also shaken up. The driver of the pickup was a young woman who admitted the collision was her fault and her insurance company eventually paid a policy limits settlement.

Michelle was in two car accidents, exactly 13 months apart, making her case a bit more complicated than normal.

Steven is in the front seat of his teenage friend’s VW Jetta as it drives down a two-lane Whatcom County road, north of Bellingham.  It’s a foggy evening and up ahead a raspberry picker is traveling very slowly in the same direction, partially on the road and partially on the shoulder.  The Jetta driver doesn’t see the farm vehicle in time and crashes into it.  The collision tears the roof off of the Jetta and ejects Steven from the car.